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Theatrical Feature Film 89 mins.

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They came to live the dream and return home as... KINGS. Colm Meaney (Men in Trees, Star Trek:TNG) heads an award winning ensemble cast in this powerful film based on the critically acclaimed play, The Kings of the Kilburn High Road, by Jimmy Murphy. Tom Collins' long awaited, tender film speaks directly to the dispossessed and disenfranchised and shows us that home is always much closer than we think.


Theatrical Feature Film 84 mins.

North American Theatrical Rights Available

In this heart-warming family drama set in a poor rural community in Northern Ireland, eleven-year-old Mary loves racing and hopes to become a race car driver one day. When a rich local farmer announces a Championship Go-Kart Race, Mary is eager to enter, but everywhere she turns, she finds obstacles in her path. With no money, no help from her father (Colm MeaneyLaw Abiding Citizen, Kings) and only her fiery determination to build a go-kart in time for the race, Mary must cope with her mother’s (Susan LynchElizabeth: The Golden Age) growing discontent, while braving torment from her peers for daring to compete in a male-dominated sport.


Theatrical Feature Film 87 mins.
(In Dutch with English Subtitles)

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Convicted for the brutal murder of his father, Johan (Theo Maassen) has been sentenced to a mental institution, where he spends his days insisting the crime was one of self-defense - an attempt to save his sister's life. Determined to prove his innocence, Johan escapes and goes in search of his mother, whose testimony he feels is the only thing that will clear his name. With the police quickly closing in, Johan kidnaps a 13-year-old girl (Lisa Smit) and as both hostage and shield, she never truly knows if each breath will be her last. Nothing to Lose is a pulse-pounding thriller, also known in the Netherlands by its Dutch title, TBS, which is a harsh prison sentence given to the most hardened criminals for the most monstrous crimes. TBS is forced rehabilitation, ending only when the patient is judged cured of insanity.

WINNER / Golden Film Award / Netherlands Film Festival

WINNER / Jury Award - Best Feature Film / Philadelphia Film Festival


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